Enroll as a New Student

Follow the 3 steps below to complete your enrollment.

1. Pay $50 fee & Complete the West Michigan District Enrollment Form

2. Pay $20 fee & Enroll with the Wesleyan Church Department of Education and Clergy Development

3. Senior Pastor must complete Ministerial Student Initial Recommendation

Application/Registration Fee

Fall 2017 Extension Classes-Enroll HERE
Dates: October 2-6, 2017

Location: LifeStream Church in Allendale Costs: $200.00/class
Schedule of Classes:
Session 1: Monday, 8:00 am – Wednesday, 12:00 noon

  • Wesleyan History/Discipline by Dr. Mike Black-Syllibi

Session 2: Wednesday, 1:00 pm – Friday, 5:00 pm

  • Doctrine of Holiness by Rev. Tamar Eisenmann-Syllibi
  • Pastoral Counseling by Dr. Kurt Stevens-Syllibi

ASR's (Annual Service Report) must be completed every year to keep credentials current.

Ministerial Students: (both forms must be completed)

1. Annual Recommendation from Your Supervising Pastor or Vice-Chair of the LBA

2. Annual Service Report for Ministerial Students

Licensed Ministers:  (both forms must be completed)

1. Annual Recommendation from Your Supervising Pastor or Vice-Chair of the LBA

2. Annual Service Report for Licensed Ministers 

Ordained or Commissioned Ministers and Special Workers:

Log on to the wesleyan.org Portal to Complete Your Report

Portal Instructions


Transfer Instructions:

Ministerial Transfer Procedure Checklist

*Application: Minister Transferring to the Wesleyan Church

* $50 Fee for Transfers from Another Denomination for Background & Credit Check.  Please Pay via the PayPal link.  Select Dropdown.


Ordination Candidates

1. Pay for Background & Credit Check by selecting Application Fee from drop down above

2. Complete Ordination Application Form