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Mileage Reimbursement Form

  • Regional Standing Rules-currently being updated from Regional Conference changes

Coming Soon:

  • Great Lakes Region Policies & Procedures
  • Great Lakes Region Recommendations & Resources for Ministry
  • Great Lakes Region Supplemental Information

Regional Board of Administration-conference floor voted and approved the following:  (Photo & Bio)

  • Mrs. Renata Ellis-West Michigan
  • Mr. Delbert Gibson-East Michigan
  • Rev. Ken Gilmore-East Michigan
  • Rev. Dave Hansen-North Michigan
  • Rev. Josh Howard-Illinois
  • Mr. John Malek-North Michigan
  • Mr. Jim McNeil-Illinois
  • Rev. Chase Stancle-West Michigan
    • Rev. Brent Bickel-Wisconsin (non voting)
    • Mr. Greg Zimmerman-Wisconsin (non voting)

These names were given to Dr. Wayne Schmidt and approved by the Nominating Team.  the conference floor voted and approved the following names:

  • Nominee for Regional Treasurer-Rev. Molly Latchaw

  • Nominee for Regional Secretary-Mr. David Lutz

  • Nominee for Regional Superintendent-Rev. Chris Conrad

approved for Conference Action Committee for GLR

Mr. Paxton Bates-West Michigan

Rev. Chad Brown-North Michigan

Rev. Wes Coffey-West Michigan

Mr. Tom Harvey-East Michigan

Mr. Jim McNeil-Illinois

Mrs. Michelle Mowat-North Michigan

Mr. Randy Wellman-East Michigan

Rev. John Wickstrom-Illinois

  • Rev. Todd Arneson-Wisconsin (non voting)
  • Mrs. Reenie Bickel-Wisconsin (non voting)

approved for Nominating Committee for GLR

Mrs. Cindy Bennett-West Michigan

Rev. Adam Hafenbridle-Illinois

Rev. Blake Hicks-West Michigan

Mrs. Melody Mills-East Michigan

Mrs. Michelle Mowat-North Michigan

Mr. Tony Perkins-Illinois

Rev. Joy Zeigler-East Michigan

  • Rev. Todd Arneson-Wisconsin (non voting)
  • Mrs. Karen Gormong-Wisconsin (non voting)