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Looking to join the team?

We are passionate about pastors finding their sweet spot in ministry. We want pastors to be able to serve in a place that maximizes their God-given gifts and helps the body of Christ reach its full redemptive potential. We are fully committed to match the right pastor with the right church setting. While this process might seem intense, our goal is to hire the best fit for each church. In a region as active as ours, we receive hundreds of inquiries for jobs. With that in mind, we’d like you to complete these 5 steps:

Please send the following documents to

1. An updated resume outlining your qualifications and experience, if applicable.

2. Complete the ministry assessment and attach PDF of results to us.

3. A cover letter highlighting specific examples of a recent vision or project that you have implemented within your congregation. Tell us about a ministry you created or reinvented. For example, a youth ministry, an outreach initiative and be as specific as possible.

4. A one-page written overview that highlights the top three key strengths that you would bring to lead a church. Tell us what brings you joy? What challenges you? How/What is God calling you to in this next season? Send us any Strengths Finders, Myers/Briggs, DISC assessment results.

5. 2-3 Reference letters from former employers telling us about your strengths and areas where you have served and built a ministry area. A link to a recent sermon or speaking engagement if applicable.

Find a job posting for churches and The Wesleyan Church World Headquarters by clicking here.

Posting a job? Use the "Post a New Job" button on the page above. Job postings are only accepted for The Wesleyan Church and its subsidiary organizations. They are displayed for 60 days. If there are changes or corrections, contact or call 317-774-7905.

To apply for a Headquarters employment opening, please fill out the online application. Learn more about The Wesleyan Church.